On the wings of the car, as well as on other parts of the body, due to usage, corrosion spots can also appear, as well as damage caused by a collision on the road or in a parking lot, impact of other objects, etc.

The differences in the approach to repairing car fenders are that the front fenders are removable and the rear fenders are not. Therefore, if the front wings have moderate or severe injuries, they must be replaced. The rear wings are trying to straighten, because the process of replacing them is more time-consuming, which affects the total cost of the work. Of course, in the case when there are tears of metal on the rear wings of the car, then it is cut out and replaced with a new one.

Repairing damaged car fenders (front and rear) may include the following list of operations:

  • Small chips and damage to the paintwork are repaired by cleaning the damaged area, anti-corrosion treatment, primer and local painting.
  • If there are small dents in the wing, they can be straightened without dismantling using special tools.
  • The deformation of the wing of moderate severity is solved using straightening, subsequent puttying, primer and preparation for painting the repaired area
  • Corrosion spots are protected to a fine metal, treated with an anti-corrosion compound, primed, putty and prepared for painting


Repair of car wings in most cases involves coloring. To do this, a new or repaired and prepared for painting wing is sent to the paint shop. Specialists select a shade of color corresponding to the main one, and in a special chamber, the repaired wing of the machine is painted and dried. After all the procedures, the wing is mounted on the car, it finishes polishing.

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