The bonnet and tailgate of the car are parts that very often suffer as a result of various kinds of accidents, as well as weather conditions (hail, fallen tree branches when parking in the yard, etc.). Damage to these parts negatively affects both the appearance of the car and traffic safety. Damage to the bonnet is much more common than tailgate.

When repairing the tailgate or bonnet of a car, it is often necessary to repair the following damage:

  • Scratches, chips and other types of damage to the paintwork;
  • Dents of varying degrees of difficulty;
  • Deformation of the bonnet and tailgate as a result of an accident.
  • Alluminium bonnet need to be replaiced when damaged .

The shallow damage to the paintwork on the bonnet or tailgate of the car (paint and varnish coating) that is not related to the deformation of the geometry of the part is repaired by polishing the damaged area. In the case when chips and scratches on the paint are deep, it is necessary to prepare the surface for painting.

In most cases, the elimination of various kinds of dents and damage to the paintwork of the bonnet and tailgate does not require much time. To do this, the damaged part is removed from the car and if the chips are deep or there are signs of corrosion, then these places are protected to a pure metal. This is followed by anti-corrosion treatment of the repaired surface, then it is primed and, if necessary, putty. The final step is to paint the part to be repaired and install it on the vehicle.

Existing dents on the bonnet and tailgate lid can be eliminated without the need to remove these elements and their subsequent painting. This significantly saves both repair time and reduces its cost for the car owner. The possibility of applying paintless dent removal makes certain demands on the nature of the damage:

  • The dent can be of any size, it is important that it does not contain the characteristic “creases” of the metal and there are no through damages
  • The paintwork should be intact without damage;
  • To eliminate deformations, even to a small degree, it is necessary to remove the part from the vehicle and straighten it using straightening. In this case, it is necessary to remember the features of the inside of the bonnet and tailgate, which is reinforced by a stamped profile. In case of serious deformations, this profile exfoliates from the product and it becomes technically more difficult to eliminate this drawback. In this case, it is recommended to replace the damaged part with a new one.