Car doors can be damaged in several cases:

A car accident with a side impact of a car;
Hit a parking pole;
Unsuccessful door opening in a tight parking lot;
The appearance of corrosion during prolonged use of a car in adverse conditions;
Various scratches and dents (children, hail, unscrupulous neighbors, etc.) when parking a car

Depending on the nature of the damage, you can do only scratches on the paintwork of the door, and deformation of the geometry of the door can occur. All this affects what types of work will be applied to the damaged door, the total repair time, its cost.

Scratches on a door without its deformation are the simplest case that occurs most often. Damaged areas are polished. If the scratches are deep or paint chips are chipped, then initial treatment with subsequent painting of the damaged area is necessary. In the case when painting less than half the door is required, then it is not necessary to remove it. It is enough to isolate the remaining surface of the door with a film or masking tape.

If the geometry of the door is damaged, it must be removed and measurements taken to determine the degree of damage. If the impact is not severe and less than one fifth of the door area is damaged, then a spotter is used for repairs. This special tool acts as a reverse hammer, pulling the deformed metal, returning the shape of the door to the original version with further straightening and painting.

If the damage is significant and occupy a large area, a comprehensive repair option is required. In this case, the door is removed from the body, then the inner skin and all the electronics are removed. The deformation section is remeasured and, depending on the nature of the damage, either welding or straightening with subsequent puttying is used. In the future, the door is primed and is preparing for full painting. The specialists in the paint shop are responsible for the correct selection of color shades and multilayer painting. The painted door is assembled, attached to the car body and finish polished.

If the deformation of the door is associated with a violation of the inner frame, in which the metal is greatly stretched, there are gaps, then in this case, you need to replace the door with a new one. Repairing a damaged door in this case is not economically feasible: it is easier and cheaper for the owner to install a new door to replace the damaged one.