Over the years, direct sunlight (UV Rays) will cause the paints protective lacquer to dull down and in some cases flake (lacquer peel). Another common issue associated with direct sunlight is the change in shade of your panels, this is more noticeable when you paint one panel with new paint without blending into the old paint – you can then see side by side the difference and just how much the paint has dulled down over the years.

Micro scratches from cleaning your car are another unavoidable concern. Most car washes are aware of this problem and will use micro fibre clothes but it’s really a preventative measure and not a solution. The clothes will leave micro-scratches in the lacquer and over time the scratches become more visible as they build up – it’s more noticeable on a darker coloured car and often the scratches form a circular shape.

Stone chips can ultimately be your worst nightmare. A deep stone chip on the bonnet will penetrate right through the paintwork to the metal panel and if left untreated can progress to form rust which will spread throughout the panel under the paintwork. Then there is that car park dent that occurred when you left the car for a few hours at your local shopping centre, or the scuff to your bumper as you mount a curb to get onto your driveway.